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Zoli Kato is a prominent member of the current Hungarian
music scene. Saxophonist, Composer, and Producer, Zoli is also
comfortable playing keyboards and percussion! Versatility is his
middle name!
He’s music brings together many different styles and moods -
East meets West, Smooth Jazz and Classical, Soul and Pop......indeed,
a unique musical fusion which is rich and colourful.
Even at the start of his career, Zoli won the coveted 'Soloist of
the Year' award, and he continues to thrill audiences throughout Europe, not only as an exciting
and gifted musician, but also a performer who is truly mesmerising to watch on stage!
Zoli's first solo project “ On My Way To You “ was released in 1994.
His music can be heard in several places and occasions in USA - Radio Oasys 107.5 out of Dallas
played his records back in the nineties.
This was followed by a hit album entitled “ Sunset Through The Trees “ in jazzy style.
The 3. album - “ STARS “ (
I left from my home place ) a crossover production.
The artist performances of his folk songs are true crossover productions, with unique sound where
the most well known Hungarian Folk songs are mixed with true world music, egzotic rhythms and
unique instruments. A true experience when performed with saxophone in a well mastered
arrangement. To feel the real soul of the folk songs and to hear the richness of their sensibilities, is
his only goal when performing these compositions. Where he keeps the tunes „only updates” not
too modernized. When someone from today’s over stressed world wishes its soul to relax, this is
one true way to experience relaxing moments.
Zoli has shared the stage with many well known Hungarian artists, such as Eszter Horgas, Zoltan
Bereczki, Zuszsa Cserhati and Andrea Szulak. He has also been part of some of the most successful
Hungarian 'pop' groups - Bikini, Crystal and BackIIBlack to name but a few!
A highlight in Zoli's musical career came in April 2012 when, to great acclaim, he played more
conserts in London alongside fellow countryman, Attila Molnar in the band of Smooth Jazz
Superstar Peter White ( Guitar ) for the launch of Peter's latest album 'Here We Go'. Zoli will play
again with Peter White in Poland in 2016.
Zoli's latest album is aptly named 'Collection' and it features his greatest hits from 1994 to date.
The album also includes Zoli's unique arrangement of two famous Hungarian Folk Songs, as well as
hit song 'Take Me To That Funky Place'. There is a new album in the making and Zoli promises it
will be his best work yet!
Zoli's music can be heard on radio stations throughout the World, such as 'Bestsmoothjazz' with
Rod Lucas (
) smoothjazz radio channel, smoothjazzitalian.,
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